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CPD training is a standard requirement of the various professional associations, who ensure high standards in education and practise are maintained by their therapist members.

Reflexology Introductory Day

Date: Sunday 23rd January 2022
Time: 10am - 4pm
Cost: £95

This workshop is an introduction to Reflexology and is suitable for anyone

  • interested in Reflexology
  • looking to study Reflexology
  • qualified in reflexology and wants a revision day

    Course Content
  • What Is Reflexology
  • How does it work
  • A visual analysis of the feet
  • The Reflex points
  • Reflexology techniques; thumb walking, finger walking, pivot, hook & rocking
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Self-Help Techniques

    Attendees are advised to wear comfortable clothes.
    Please bring a packed lunch, tea & coffee is available on the day.

  • Subtle Energy & Crystals Workshop

    Date: Sunday 20th February 2022
    Time: 10am - 4pm
    Cost: £95

  • Have you experienced a drastic change in mood when someone walks into a room!
  • for no reason the hairs stand up on your arms or you get Goosebumps, or feel a shiver down your spine!

    This is Subtle Energy

    At times do you
  • walk into a room & forget what you went in for!
  • find that you are more accident prone than normal: walk into stationary things – door, wall etc.
  • feel exceptionally tired after waking, or experiencing disturbed sleep - bad dreams, waking up more often during the night.
  • lose track of time.
  • Feel “spaced out”
  • Struggle to communicate effectively
  • Poor co-ordination (all fingers and thumbs)
  • Over-thinking simple tasks
  • Day Dreaming (too much)
  • Overly sensitive to light, noise, smells, taste, touch
  • Feeling uneasy or fearful (without reason)

    These are all indications of being “ungrounded” and part of your Subtle Energy.

    This workshop will focus on the day to day impacts of Subtle Energy and look at how you can help yourself to ground and focus.

  • Aromatherapy Hand & Arm Massage Workshop

    Date: Sunday 6th March 2022
    Time: 10am - 2pm
    Cost: £60

    The workshop will include:

  • an introduction to a selection of aromatherapy essential oils
  • guidance in creating a blend of essential oils with a base oil for personal use
  • demonstration Of Hand & Arm Massage
  • practical session of Hand & Arm Massage

    A bottle of base oil for each participant to take home with added essential oils chosen on the day.

    Please email [email protected] to book.

  • One-Day Introductory Workshop on the Bach Flower Essences

    2022 date to be confirmed
    Saturday 10am - 4pm
    Cost: £95 this includes a bottle of personalised essence, handouts and refreshments of Teas and coffee.

    The Bach Flower Essences are a system of 38 natural flower essences that can assist in bringing a person into greater emotional, mental and spiritual harmony.

    The day will include:
    A brief history of Dr Edward Bach and his discovery of the Bach Flower Essences.
    What the essences are, how they are made and how they work.
    An overview of the 38 essences and some of the emotional/mental states they can assist in balancing.
    How to select essences for yourself and family.
    A look at some specific negative emotional states such as fear, guilt, stress and anxiety that the Bach Flower Essences can help ease.
    How to prepare a bottle, and how to take the essences.

    During the day, there will also be meditations, and participants will be able to prepare a bottle of essences to take home.


    Mind Body Spirit London Well-being Festival Olympia London

    We are delighted to be part of the 2022 London MBS Wellbeing Festival.

    May 2022

    For more information or to purchase tickets please click here

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