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Geraldine Villeneuve

Geraldine Villeneuve has been practicing Reflexology for over 30 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation, is a Licensed Massage Practitioner specializing in injury remediation, and is an American Board Certified Reflexologist, and a member of the International Council of Reflexologists.

Geraldine’s recent book “Put Your Best Feet Forward” has generated a lot of global interest among health practitioners and we are delighted that Geraldine is bringing her course to London.

Geraldine trademarked Structural Reflexology® in 2013 as a revolutionary motion to promote foot health awareness by providing education for more healthful and therapeutic options to resolve foot pain and compensation in the body.

Structural Reflexology Geraldine Villeneuve. Geraldine Villeneuve

Structural Reflexology Course Content

The goal of the Structural Reflexologist® is to detect why and where compensation sets into the body based on foot alignment and function, and correlates this with their knowledge of the feet as a microcosm of the body. The Structural Reflexologist® seeks to correct foot problems by seeking the cause of painful symptoms. First by assessing foot structure, alignment, and joint and muscle tension, and then with intent, purpose, and precision, utilizing Reflexology, massage techniques, and gentle traction, to bring the feet back to a stage that is comfortable and functional, thus relieving symptoms presenting in other parts of the body caused by compensation.

Structural Reflexology Geraldine Villeneuve. Geraldine’s Course content

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