Solas School of Complementary Therapies Horsenden Farm, Perivale, Middlesex

An Introduction to Crystals and Subtle Energy

A weekend course that will introduce you to the world of crystals & subtle energy, showing you methods and techniques to create a more enriching and inspiring way of life.

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd November 2019

Crystals form a large part of this course, and you will learn the fundamentals of using these powerful tools for self- healing and within your daily life.

The course will briefly cover some of the following subjects:

• Grounding, clearing and strengthening your personal energies
• The human energy field and the systems within it (elementary)
• How to avoid being manipulated, negatively affected or drained by others
• Creating and manifesting your reality with subtle energy
• The use of crystals, colour, sound and flowers for enhancing your personal energies
• Changing unwanted patterns and habits with more ease
• Clearing and improving your living and/or work environment
• Letting go of, or mending difficult relationships
• Linking to and working with light energies, angels, devas and nature spirits

Much of the course will be experiential with meditation, visualisation, energy sensing exercises and healing work.
The course provides valuable know-how for everyone, as well as a means to becoming more confident, empowered and self-reliant through gaining essential knowledge and practical experience of one’s personal and other subtle energies. It is aimed at both newcomers and those more experienced alike.

The course also provides a basic introduction for those who are interested in professional training and for those considering enrolling on the two-year diploma course in subtle energy medicine, as taught by FSEM Schools.

Cost for the weekend course is £75 per day

To book please email [email protected]
For more information, please visit VHF

It is advised to wear comfortable clothing.
Teas & Coffee will be provided but please bring your own packed lunch.
Both days are 10am-5pm.

Further study following the Introduction weekend would cover:

Introduction to the Human Energy Field
• Basic attunement, meditation and subtle energy work
• Introduction to crystals and their use in healing and everyday life (part 1)
• Grounding, clearing and strengthening personal boundaries
• Simple self-healing with sound, colour and crystals

A deeper look at the human energy field
• Crystals for healing and for everyday life (part 2)
• Thoughts, emotions and manifestation
• Working with mandalas
• Clearing and enhancing the work environment
• Letting go of or mending difficult relationships
• Intermediate healing exercises

Crystals for healing and for everyday life (part 3)
• Dealing with change, habits and patterns
• Deeper attunement to nature and light energies
• Working with Angels, devas and nature spirits
• Bach flower remedies for enhancing your life
• Earth healing

Introduction to Crystals and Subtle Energy  . FSEM

VHF is part of the Federation Of Subtle Energy Medicine

“The Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine (FSEM) is an accrediting umbrella for Subtle Energy Therapy schools. It also regulates its practitioner membership”.

For more information on Subtle Energy Medicine please visit the website

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