Solas School of Complementary Therapies Horsenden Farm, Perivale, Middlesex

Guided Meditation classes will resume once Solas reopens

Take a few minutes each day to centre yourself and breathe.
This will induce calm and give you a sense of control.

• Place your feet firmly on the ground

• Imagine roots extending from your feet going deep into the earth, anchoring you: this is giving you stability and a renewed strength.

• Straighten your back and allow your shoulders to drop

• Close your eyes

• Breathe in deeply through your nose for 4 seconds

• Hold the breath for 4 seconds

• Exhale through your mouth for 7 seconds

You will find that your timings will get longer the more breathing exercises you do.
Repeat this 3 times, three times a day or any time you begin to feel overwhelmed.

⭐️ Don’t underestimate the power of positivity; in a world of energy, focus on the good, find solutions to help each other, make the necessary changes to rebuild a better world.

This is a time of change, a golden opportunity to truly reflect on how we live, how we behave towards each other and how we treat our wonderful planet.


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